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Who are we?

A non-political conservation group, made up of volunteers of all ages, and affiliated to The Conservation Volunteers.

What do we do?

i) work of conservation value

ii) work that improves access

Why improve access?

It leads to an increased appreciation of the natural world, and thus to a more widespread wish to preserve it.

What is conservation?

Preservation of habitats and species, with a view to maintaining or increasing the level of diversity.

Why conserve?

i) To maintain species and habitat diversity. This is important to keep ecosystems functioning, to make the countryside interesting, and to allow scientific study.

ii) It’s fun!

Is conservation natural?

No, but there is hardly one part of the British Isles that remains in its natural state, that is, in the state that it was in before the arrival of humans. To leave nature to cope with our interference without aid would be to risk losing much of our countryside’s diversity.

What types of work do we do?

Our tasks have included: coppicing, footpath building, fence building, tree planting, pond clearing, hedge laying, step building, scrub clearing, fence repairing and stile building.

Where do we work?

Mostly in and around Leicestershire.

When do we work?

Usually once a month on a Sunday, with occasional all weekend residential tasks. For Sunday tasks we usually meet in front of the Phoenix Theatre, on Newarke St, at 9:30, and arrive at the work site by 10:30. We usually finish work by 4:00, depending on the weather and the work.

Do I need any skills?

No, just enthusiasm - you will be shown how to use the tools.

What should I bring?

Old, strong, weather-proof clothes, including solid footwear, and something to eat and drink.

What else should I know?

Please ensure that you are up to date with tetanus vaccinations. (A course lasts ten years.)

Who should I contact?

See Contact details for more information.

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